Share – Week 2 – Board games


Share – Week 2

I”m really pleased to say we had more parents join us this week too, with more coming next week, although there will be a couple of places left if anyone would still like to join us.

This week our parents shared how working with their children on the tangrams activity had gone. One child had been really enthusiastic about the cutting and sticking part of working with the shapes and was so proud of the crown she had made mobile casino that she went on to do some writing, by labelling it. Take note of what she wants to do next mummy!

The other children had really enjoyed the measuring and cutting part of the activity too and had been engrossed for some time in using their imaginations to use the shapes to make their own designs.

The theme this week was board games and as you can see our parents got very busy thinking about the interests of their children in order to produce something that would get their children excited and engaged.

We”re really looking forward to seeing how it went next week; what sorts of rules the children made up and what skills playing the game developed.